/ Manifesto
Musings on style and meaning.
In today’s world of overexposure, how does one cultivate a genuine sense of personal style? One that is not about consumption and conformity, but rather self-expression - an individual art form that is fun and steeped in personal meaning? I insist that women search inside themselves in order to choose how they want to look on the outside. To understand fashion and make it their own. Cultivating personal style, inside and out, are at the heart of my work and musings. Let’s explore together the various modes and manners of today’s modern woman.
Fashion is a statement.
Often our personal style choices are some of the most unexamined parts of our lives, even though the way we dress is an outward expression of our values and beliefs. Every day we are showing the world who we are - and the world responds accordingly. Fashion choices should be inspired, value-aligned decisions that support a genuine desire to feel and present oneself in a certain way. It should be a fun, creative process that accentuates your personal story. When it comes to style, one size does not fit all.
Etiquette for the everyday.
Etiquette is an essential element of one’s personal style. It’s a layer you’re always wearing even before you put on any clothes. In fact, manners are the best accessory, one that should never be taken off. I espouse, however, a new kind of etiquette. One fit for a globalised world where our digital lives have become just as important as our offline interactions. Etiquette where you can have fun while still being polite. Something for the every day - but your way. Good manners delivered with personality are simply chic!
Luxury nourishes the soul.
Luxury is not about scale, but meaning. It’s personal. From the extravagant down to the smallest detail, it’s about the people, places, products and experiences that make you feel nourished. From taking the trip of a lifetime to enjoying the scent of your favorite eau de toilette. It’s about living a life full of memories that are worth lasting a lifetime. True luxury is not just complete comfort but inspires and elevates the soul.